Dance the Night Away with Gatsby Decor

Channel your inner Daisy Buchanan and dance the night away with your guests surrounded by Gatsby inspired decor! Vivid golds, geometric shapes, and clean lines are staples of beloved twenties decor. For the discerning entertainer the Gatsby Rug is a must have!  Recreate your own version of Gatsby’s parties and welcome your guests with this […]

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When Artist Meets Designer

What do you get when you mix a local designer and artist? A beautifully decorated wonderland of unlimited possibilities. Jennifer Fisher, an Austin, TX based interior designer, recently incorporated artwork by Austin Allen James, our resident Texas based artist, into a home remodel in Westlake, LA. We love the way Fisher gave purpose to this […]

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Icon Art Series: “Woodstock”

"Woodstock" by Austin Allen James

“All we are saying is give peace a chance.” -John Lennon From his Icon Art Series, Austin Allen James brings us “Woodstock.” This collage takes you back to that moment in history. This piece captures the essence of the people of that time, free and liberated, being one with the music. Layers of light blue, […]

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Featured on Houzz! To the Moon and Back

Featured on Houzz Moon Rise

Moss Manor was hand-picked to be featured in an editorial ideabook on the Houzz homepage! [empty_separator][/empty_separator] [full_column] From the editors of Houzz comes a guest pick of items inspired by the heavens above. Says Portland-based blogger Jen Jafarzadeh L’Italien from The Haystack Needle, “Your love may stretch all the way to the moon and back, and luckily, there’s plenty […]

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Abstract Art: Austin Allen James

Austin Allen James

Let it fall, let it pour with the Alluvial Swamp Series. These abstract art pieces evoke the tranquility of peaceful waterfall. Bring life and lyricism to your home with “Muddled Swamp” or “Lilie Pond” by Austin Allen James. Each piece is covered in a clear coat of resin offering the viewer an experience of looking […]

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Stacks of Fun: Kids Chairs

Red Throat and Baby Larkin Chair

Stack them up and fill your space with colors that give your kid happiness! Your little Einstein needs a room that can inspire them to create and build too. Brighten up their playroom with hints of color to mirror the Baby Larkin Chairs with wall art like this Austin Allen James painting. Use multiple pieces to […]

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