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Act Like a Rug, Work Like a Cowhide

Whether your looking for a feminine floor covering for the powder room, or a masculine accent to the study, incorporating a one of a kind cowhide will add sophistication and texture to your space.

1.) Act like leather.

The real Brazilian leather and hair of our hides allows for optimal use. Leather is timeless and lends elegance to your space. With no two hides alike, add an eclectic element to your space!

2.)  Think like a rug.

The diverse shapes of our hides will help to define your space, but won’t leave you feeling boxy. Cowhides are the perfect solution to that odd shaped area of your home.  Anchor your seating arrangement and add visual interest with texture.

3.) Work like a boss.

Rugged and durable, our hides are virtually indestructible. Ready to take on the hustle and bustle of your family, cowhides are easy to maintain and clean. Best part of all, like any good boss, they only get better with time.


Can decide on a hide?! Here are a few picks from our design team:

Sarah’s Pick: For the glam girl on the go pick for the Devore Metallic Cowhide Rug in Beige with Silver.

Devore Metallic Cowhide Rug in Beige with Silver

Courtney’s Pick: For the wanderlust dreamer go for the Salt & Pepper Black and White Cowhide.

Salt & Pepper Black and White Cowhide

Natalie’s Pick: For the bohemian goddess pick the Exotic Tri Color Cowhide.

Exotic Tri Color Cowhide