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Fancy Foyer: Go for Glamour

Fancy Foyer

Gold brings all the glamour with the Nephrite Trays and the Lacroix Console Table! First impressions are important when meeting new people. So why aren’t they just as important to when you first enter a home? A home’s foyer says quite a bit about the people who live there.

Are there shoes stacked high by the front door? Is there mail from six months ago still siting on the entry table? Is it cozy and inviting? Is it polished and put together?

An organized entry is an easy fix to a frantic lifestyle. By keeping the entry way open and simple with a few furnishings can turn a manic Monday into a tranquil Tuesday as you are rushing out the door.

A entry table is a must! This is the perfect landing space for keys, mail, and other handy items that we tend to juggle while coming through the door. Find a table that is not to big for the space, giving you ample room to make it into the house.

Our next go to for organization is decorative display trays. While beauty isn’t everything, it sure doesn’t hurt to get all dressed up occasionally! These stylish storage spaces make finding your keys and week old mail a breeze, and it gives your family a designated place to store small items that may otherwise get lost in the everyday grind.

Don’t forget to enjoy your home! Make it a place of relaxation and relief to finally get home and kick your shoes off. Take a moment to appreciate all the hard work and character that you have put into your home.