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Featured on Houzz: How About Some Apples?

Moss Manor was hand-picked to be featured in an editorial idea book on the Houzz homepage!

Nothing goes hand and hand with Autumn quite like apple picking. Bring the elements of the apple’s feel-good nostalgia and crisp colors into your home’s decor. Apple’s may be seasonal but the whimsy they bring to your home will last all year round!

“Every space loves an apple sculpture. The pleasing shape of the fruit is great for softening the lines of a modern space and for adding life and an organic form to minimalist decor. Crystal and silver pieces are quiet and elegant ways to introduce the apple, while an opaque black piece gives a naughty nod to the poison apple of fairy tales. For homey comfort, place realistic-looking faux fruit in bowls on the coffee table. Go with a chunky wooden bowl for a rustic display, or for a modern look, try a sleek design in a glass or ceramic vessel to make the bold reds and greens pop.”

The article highlights one of Moss Manor’s playful accent decor items, The Anemone Container. Crafted of iron with a graphite finish, these containers are simple yet playful. With three sizes to choose from, each one with unique sizes and proportions. The apple, traditionally a symbol of knowledge, makes a great focal point as a standalone or grouped together. For design that doesn’t fall far from the Moss Manor tree, the Anemone Containers will be the perfect final touch for your families home.

Anemone Containers

Thank you Houzz for highlighting one of our favorite accessories!
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