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Fiddle Leaf Fig: Going Green Never Looked So Good

Houseplants are trendier than ever, especially those that require little maintenance and provide maximum impact.

A growing favorite is the standard Fiddle Leaf Fig. A native African ficus, the Fiddle Leaf Fig features a dense canopy of large fiddle-shaped leaves and a thin trunk. Traditionally grown in bush form, the “standard” is a tree-style pruning. For extra fullness, they can be braided or paired together with a second bush. Fiddle Leaf Fig trees are slow growers but can reach up to 50 feet tall.

The Fiddle Leaf Fig requires at least five hours a day of bright filtered sunlight.  Like a sunflower, it will turn towards the light source, so be sure to turn it periodically. The Fiddle Leaf Fig likes well drained soil, requiring only a quart of water a week for a five gallon plant. Overwatering will lead to yellowing and dropping of leaves. As it matures, periodic pruning will help it keep its compact shape.

A 5-6′ Fiddle Leaf Fig costs $30-100, while taller plants can cost as much as $300. Plant nurseries can order them, and home improvement stores may also sell them in summer months.

On a recent project, I paired two standard Fiddle Leaf Figs with the Newport Square Concrete Planter, and used moss covering to conceal the grow pot. I also lit the plant from behind with an accent can floor lamp.  A grow light bulb was used to help meet the plant’s daily light requirement and create interesting shadows on the walls and ceiling. With care, the plants should continue to fill the sunny corner.


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