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How to Achieve Sleek Scandi Style

Calling all minimalists! If cool neutrals and clean lines appeal to you, we may have just found your new design style! This sleek Scandinavian style living room by Clarum Homes captures the essence of this well loved style. Tucked away in the corner of the room stands the base of our beloved, Vortex Floor Lamp, while its elongated arch stretches out into the center of the room, providing light where its needed most. The black shade of the lamp keeps the room grounded in a space filled with light colors.

Scandinavian decor is know for its utility, simplicity, and elegance. How does one achieve a look so sleek? We have a few tips to inspire your next home renovation! First off, keep the room light. Bright whites, and cool hues of gray and blue are a Scandinavian staple. Next, embrace the elements. Scandinavian design is centered around bringing the outdoors in. Embrace your wood flooring and incorporating plants as your tabletop accessories. Lastly, choose furniture with clean lines that are functional and timeless to elevate your new Scandi inspired space!