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Inspirations from Louisiana: Avery Island

Avery Island, Lousiana

Where do you find your inspiration? Avery Island is know all over the world for their Tabasco production. It is also one of the most beautiful swampy areas in Louisiana. With spanish moss hanging from the numerous live oak trees that have called the island their home for decades, the terrain has a way of taking your breath away. Pair this serene bayou landscape with the French Creole Architecture of the homes and bulidings on the island and it is like taking a step back in time. The banks beckon you to come for a visit so it can tell you a story.

Austin Allen James has described his way of painting with mixed mediums with an overlying resin coat, as freezing a moment in time. His Alluvial Swamp Series, is inspired by the swamps and bayous that Louisiana is known for, like Avery Island. These pieces vary like the majestic marshes that they are crafted after. Each one captures a moment in time and a piece of history. Each one wants to tell you a story.

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