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Make It Work: Home Office Essentials

As Ladies of the Manor, who work from home, we know the importance of having an inspiring workspace. Maybe we just want another excuse to purchase our newest arrivals, or does having a dedicated work space actually improve the quality of your work? We did a little digging and found that this practice is common throughout offices worldwide. Take Google’s offices for example, each location is filled with restaurants, mini golf, and playgrounds to spark creativity and ingenuity. Now we aren’t telling you to install a slide in your living room or a hibachi grill in your kitchen (even though we have to admit it sounds tempting), but having a well designed space will keep you and your home feeling fresh!

Here are our three of our all time favorite workspaces:

Kelly Wearstler’s Home Office:


Caroline Harper Knapp of House of Harper’s Office:


Diane von Furstenberg’s Manhattan Penthouse:


Achieve the perfect workspace for you and your home with our newest arrivals!



First, you need the perfect chair:





Then the perfect desk:




And the perfect accessories: