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Moss Manor’s 9 Tips to Design like a Pro

Tips to Design Like a Pro

Hey you,  yes you… we see you! We see you neglecting that spare bedroom design project. Whether you’re starting from scratch or in need of revamp, the Moss Manor Design Team is here to tell all.  Check out our favorite design tips and tricks bellow:

1.) Lets start with paint. Our best advice is to paint LAST. GASP, last?!? Yes, you read that correctly. In so many instances we see clients stuck with a paint color having trouble finding the perfect bedding or area rug to complete the space. Shop first, find what you like without restrictions, then pick a paint color. It will save you a Saturday or three painting.. again, and your project will get done in half the time, we promise.


2.) White is alright! We know the drill. You come home from Benjamin Moore with 78 color swatch cards and as soon as you get home it’s just… no. Well, we are here to tell you there is a no fail color for every single room in your house. You guessed right, white! White is sleek, refined, and versatile. Love color? Even better! You can literally buy a pink couch, filled with colorful pillows, and the only way you can get away with it (and make it look like you have your life together) is with white walls. Not to mention the gallery wall possibilities are endless. Want more white? Take the Scandinavian route and go all neutral mixing in metals and metallics to use as your pops of color.


3.) Hey scaredy cat. Stop being afraid of color! Our favorite spaces are those that tell a story. Add color inspired by your travels, or use unexpected color combinations to create a space filled with enchantment. Start off with a colorful runner, and mix matched throw pillows and art, then bring in a few statement pieces to really make your favorite colors stand out. Run wild mixing colors and patterns or stick to a strict color scheme, either way the possibilities are endless… just the way we like it!


4.) It’s time to mix it up! Are you suffering from matchy matchy madness? Buying your couch, coffee table, side tables, accent chair, and lamps in a set is going to leave your space feeling stuffy and drab. Ask yourself, do you love it? Great, keep what you love! Invest in new statement pieces. Maybe change out the couch, sticking with a neutral color. By doing this you can go bold with accent chairs. Choose either a bold color or design, these can be changed out or moved around the house for a quick refresh. The best thing about furniture is that nothing is nailed to the floor….unless you want it to be.


5.) Free your walls and the rest will follow! Are you that person? Always making sure your couch is perfectly straight and right against the wall? Well, we are here to free all of your dust bunnies! Keeping your furniture off of the walls creates space and interest, and bonus… it’s easier to keep clean! You’re welcome. Offsetting your seating arrangement just a hair, and moving all your furniture forward will have your guests wondering what you changed without spending a dime.


6.) Embrace the elements! Incorporating wood grains, metals, and plants will make your space breathable and fresh! Cluster your favorite plants on a bar cart in your foyer, pick a table with free flowing lines, or incorporate tabletop decor inspired by the great outdoors. Open the windows and let the crisp breeze in and you’ve got a space that is tranquil and on trend.


7.) You can’t ever have enough texture. A signature to any Moss Manor design always includes a cowhide. Virtually indestructible, cowhides get even better as they age. Add the perfect amount of texture with a one of a kind hide.  Place one underneath your coffee table, or layer with other rugs in your foyer. Then, pile your couch with pillows and throws, perfect for those chilly winter nights.


8.) A great piece of art is a MUST have. We understand you cant have the Louvre’s collection as your living room gallery wall, but investing in one or two great pieces of art and surrounding them with your favorite band posters and art prints will act as a conversation piece as it takes your space to a whole new level.


9.) Decor that keeps on giving! Books are a great way to add interest to your space. Lay one on your coffee table to keep your guests entertained as you finish prepping dinner, or fill a whole bookshelf with all of your favorites along with a few tabletop accents. One of the newest design trends combines rule 6 and 7 by hanging art ON your bookshelf… now if thats not style we don’t know what is.