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Spotted on ABC’s “Notorious!”

Roca Table ABC Notorious Piper Perabo

Moss Manor’s Roca Table is front and center in Piper Perabo’s office on Season 1 of ABC’s “Notorious!”

When Sony Pictures’ set decorators contacted us about our bestselling Roca Table, we knew it was a match made in Hollywood. In “Notorious,” the main character Julia George (portrayed by Perabo) is a media mogul and producer of a number one cable news show. Because of her relationship with charismatic defense attorney Jake Gregorian (portrayed by Daniel Sunjata), Julia is heavily conflicted between her role in the media and bringing justice to unsuspecting criminals. Behind the scenes, twisting plot lines and unexpected character developments leave the audience on the edge of their seat.

Roca Table ABC Notorious Piper Perabo

The main character sitting behind the desk is as strong and edgy as the Roca Table. The clean lines bring a modern feel to her office, which appears throughout all ten episodes. As the storyline heats up with impropriety and murder mystery, the Roca Table is the cool and constant focal point amidst all that notorious drama.

The salacious series is based on true stories about celebrity lawyer Mark Gegaros and former CNN news producer Wendy Walker, who also serve as executive producers.

Roca Table

Roca Table | MOSS MANOR: A Design House

Whether starring in an ABC drama or installed in one of our clients’ dining rooms, the Roca Table is sure to be the star!