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Mad for Mid-Century!

Mid-century trends are popping up everywhere, and in no way are we complaining, but why in this time of ingenuity and modernism is everyone turning back the clock? Mid-century design is simple and classic, and we all know how great it feels good to come home at the end of the day to a space filled with simplicity. Charles and Ray Eames have designed some of the most iconic chairs of all time during 50’s that remain some of the worlds most beloved pieces of furniture, defeating the test of time. Mid-century design features clean lines that wont leave your space feeling stuffy. The warm wood grains and bright colors commonly used in mid-century upholstery make them perfect for bustling families. Finally, mid-century furniture helps to complete the elements by bringing the outdoors in with a balance use of wood, glass, and steel. Create your own nostalgic living room with our design teams favorite mid-century picks: