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3 Ways to Use Bold Patterns

Featured on Houzz Bold Patterns Silver Zebra Cowhide

Are you looking to incorporate bold patterns to your decor? It’s easier that ever, thanks to trending accessories that let your personality shine!

The Style Editors at Houzz agree. “Aren’t interiors more fun with contrasting colors, playful patterns and visually interesting textiles? But mixing and matching patterns can be tricky, especially if you aren’t sure which patterns and colors complement one another. Before you start trying to throw random elements together, here are three ways to combine bold rugs, pillows and furnishings with ease.”

  1. Go playful and vibrant. Need to patch a punch with a single purchase? “Solid colors will balance out the prints and patterns you layer into your room design. To keep your room from looking too busy with brightly colored patterns, choose only a few statement pieces and use different scales of similar prints.”
  2. Balance with neutrals. While bright colors are fun, they aren’t for everyone.For a subtler way to incorporate prints into your living room, use a neutral palette for furnishings and use more subdued patterns to add texture rather than create a focal point.”
  3. Incorporate earthy, graphic elements. Soften hard lines with elements inspired by nature and tradition. “Go for a warm, rugged look with Southwestern and geometric prints combined with pieces that have an earthy aesthetic. Angular patterns bring a modern feel to natural textiles and mix well with rustic accents.”

One of the easiest ways to inject your space with big style is with rugs. Moss Manor’s Devore Metallic Silver Zebra Cowhide was featured for it’s sophisticated zebra print in a stunning silver. It’s fluid shape is a great option for an unusually shaped room or for breaking up hard lines of a contemporary seating arrangement. We love it’s glamorous metallic detailing for kicking up your space a notch! Best of all, cowhide rugs are incredibly durable and low maintenance. It’s a true triple threat!

For cowhides in other patterns and colors, check out our complete collection of Hides.

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