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Trending Warm Metals for Every Room

Featured on Houzz Warm Metals

Are you looking to add some depth to your decor?

Warm metals have long had their place in sophisticated interiors. Now more than ever, bronze, gold, copper, rose gold, and even brass have become go-to finishes for leading designers. Whether you are looking to add a glamorous sparkle to your home or a rich overture to your office, warm metals are sure to lend a luxe vibe.

Our friends at Houzz agree! “For a stunning effect in the living room, team some darker metals that have reddish undertones with bright gold light fixtures, chairs and decorative objects. If you want to create a statement wall, try a golden printed wallpaper and layer some metallic furniture and decor in front of the wall; feel free to use a mix of copper, brass, gold or bronze for a multidimensional look.”

The Houzz Team has assembled a smart mix of metals that include Moss Manor’s Bronze Jack Table Sculptures. These decorative objects are a grownup take on a childhood classic. Crafted of solid cast iron in a canyon bronze finish, the Bronze Jack Table Sculptures come in a set of two, with a large and small size. These heavy artifacts are great for displaying on a bookshelf or tabletop, or in the office as unique paperweights. Get creative and use them as unique bookends. The Bronze Jack Table Sculptures will lend playful sophistication to your contemporary or classic decor.

“Mixing warm metals has transitioned from a design trend to watch to a must-try design obsession. With amazing pieces in gold, brass, bronze and copper, there are tons of options for every style and every room. From reflective gold finishes that bounce light across the room to rustic hammered copper, these warm metal finds for the home are some of our favorites.”


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