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How to Style a Console Table

Looking to add style and functionality in a small space?

The console table is a go-to for designers when furnishing a long wall in a narrow corridor. Whether in an entryway, office, living room or dining room, a modern console table can offer a place for styling your favorite objects and corralling on-the-go necessities like keys and mail.

1. Select your Console.

The size of your console table should be proportionate to the available wall space, covering most of it while leaving some “breathing” room on each side. Luxe, traditional spaces typically call for substantial consoles that will fill the wall, while minimalist spaces can leave extra room for an airy feel. Our most popular console tables range from transitional to modern in a variety of sizes.

2. Aim for Balance and Symmetry.

If hanging art or a mirror above the console is on your agenda, aim for a console that is 25 – 50% larger than the piece above it. For example, if your console is 60″ wide, a 30″ – 45″ wide piece of art will look visually balanced. This is especially true when selecting a console that is made of clear glass or is otherwise sleek. Bulkier consoles that are more visually heavy can stand up to larger pieces of art or mirrors. Leave about a foot between the top of the console and the bottom of the artwork. And don’t be afraid to hang art off center, especially if you have a tall lamp or vase at one end.

How to Style a Modern Console Table

East Bayou Remodel – Sarah James Moss | MOSS MANOR: A Design House

3. Add Lamps and Accessories.

Once you’ve selected your perfect console table, you’re ready to create a console vignette that will reflect your style. Depending on the size of your console, one or two lamps can add style and practicality to a dark hall. Layer your favorite sculptures and tabletop accessories, such as vases with fresh flowers or a collection of unique paperweights. A decorative tray is perfect for corralling mail. Dust off your wedding china for a unique bowl to keep keys and loose change in a convenient location.

Brendan Wong How to Style a Modern Console Table

Bayside House – Brendan Wong Design

4. Create Storage.

Many modern consoles are sleek and shallow, with an open design. That doesn’t mean you have to waste the space below them. Add decorative baskets for storage of shoes, dog leashes or blankets. Or tuck a couple ottomans or stools below for extra seating during the holidays.


Ready to create the perfect modern console vignette? The editors at Houzz have compiled a collection of furnishings and accessories to jump start your search for a cool, collected mix. Moss Manor’s Mecca Console was featured for it’s sleek, ultramodern lines and versatility. A designer favorite, this go-anywhere piece is the ideal choice for small spaces or anywhere a light, spacious feeling is the goal.

Mecca Console Table | MOSS MANOR: A Design House

Mecca Console Table | MOSS MANOR: A Design House

If you’d rather not go it alone, we always recommend contacting a designer for expert guidance in choosing the perfect furniture and accessories for your home.

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